Clean Natural Caffeine with L-theanine

Support Long Term Health

High in antioxidants and Vitamin C

Derived from Native Whole foods

Using nature's flavours for sweetness



No Added Sugar

No Artificial Flavours

No Artificial Colours

No Jitters or crash

No blood sugar level spike


Simple powerful ingredients


Brewed like tea by indigenous people in the Ecuadorian Amazon for thousands of years – Powering Reign with 100mg of caffeine and l-theanine per serve. Promotes increased energy and focussed attention. The antioxidant benefits found in tea are doubled in Guayusa. That means twice the free-radical fighting, anti-aging, cancer fighting benefits. Trust in the heart of the Amazon.


One of the world’s highest known sources of Vitamin C. Indigenous Australians have used this fruit extensively for food for tens of thousands of years as well as its healing properties and traditional medicine.


Originating from China and consumed for thousands of years in its native lands, Monk Fruit gives delicious natural sweet flavour and contains powerful antioxidants that fight inflammation, cancer and or effects of free radicals in the body. An ancient answer to the problems of the modern addiction to sugar. Doesn’t rase blood sugar levels or insulin.


Desert lime is rich in limnocitrin; a natural repairer of the skin. It helps in absorption of vital ingredients needed for good healthy skin. Also yet another powerful antioxidant with amazing flavour.


A natural alcohol sugar found in the human body Classified as an anti-oxidant that fights free radicals. Zero calories, zero glycemic. Does not raise blood sugar or insulin.


Exists in a variety of fruits and vegetables such as citrus fruits. Provides great, natural flavouring.


Given what we now know about diet and nutrition there is no excuse for our food to be unhealthy. The cost to our societies overall health and healthcare system is devastating.

We wanted an energy drink we could have everyday. That meant no added sugar, no cheap or artificial ingredients and a boost of energy from a clean source that wasn't jittery and didn’t make us crash afterwards.

We found nothing that satisfied us, so we made it ourselves.